Magic Girlz Clubz Sign Up

Magic Girlz Clubz Sign Up

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Magic Girlz Clubz, are a fantastic way for girlz to learn new skills, be empowered, and get inspired. Created in partnership with and delivered by Jamelia, Magic Girlz Clubz are a great opportunity for girlz to come together and meet and spend time with girlz like them! We have a Big sister programme, where volunteer teen girls ( 17-19 year olds) play the role of big sisters to our girlz.

We promote sisterhood, and we believe girlz should learn and experience it as early as possible.

This is the third course Jamelia has delivered, and the previous Clubz have received 100% positive feedback from girls and parents alike!

Sign up for the whole week at a discounted rate, or you can choose specific days if that suits you better!

Love Always,

Magic Girlz

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